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Julia Galygo Senior editor

UninstallAbility is one of the leading software in Uninstallers. It is very popular in today’s Uninstallers software market, and its users love it deeply. The functions of UninstallAbility is powerful. UninstallAbility is a utility program for performance and uninstallation of programs.
It is easy program to manage the programs’ list in Add/Remove Programs applet. It backups copies of the list and all uninstall information, allowing you to restore it if necessary.
The program offers a list of those programs you may uninstall and do it so they never bother you. It automatically configures the security copies. The program eliminates things in a safe way and that program will not appear again.
Uninstallability has three options:
1. Create backup of uninstall list.
2. Restore the list from the backup copy.
3. Restore the list from the backup copy for further uninstall one or more programs.
The program creates backup from uninstall list every day by default. You can change how often you want it to create backups using “Option” button. Also here you can set the quantity of saved backup copies or save all backups.
UninstallAbility is not necessary for startup. It is usually run infrequently and can be started manually if needed.


  • Easy to use.
  • Maintains copies of the list and all uninstall information.
  • Restore disappeared programs.


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